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Whole body shot
Chester is our newest foster dog whom I just met at our last adoptathon at Bob's. Frankly, I don't really know much about his story, but I can tell you that he is a young dog, is quite friendly, was fine with the other dogs and posed no problem with the cats there or at the foster home where he is currently staying. He also was quite friendly to children and just basically everyone who came along. I was told that he had some Boxer in him. Other than this information, all I can say is that I never noticed him giving anyone any problems the entire day we sat out there working to adopt out animals. He even seemed to have no problem walking on a leash. If I find out that he has any of what we refer to as "issues" I will update this post to reflect that information.

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What a sweet face, huh?
At the crafts festival with a very cute little girl
Another shot that same day
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Patches is in desperate need of a home. I have dated her entry to last weekend's adoptathon because that is where I got the best pictures of her and when I was told that we absolutely MUST find her a home very soon. Patches has a kind of a sad story to tell, as she has been abandoned twice. Once before she was rescued, then after she was adopted out to a man with a young boy, when they moved off to Texas and left her with Warm Hearts to "hold until they got back." They never returned for her, though frankly, even if they had, they would not have gotten her back because of the shape she was in. She had gotten infested with fleas, losing patches of her hair, and hadn't been eating properly. But, after some TLC and time to recover, she looks great again and is waiting for some truly nice people to give her a good home. The only things to be considered with her are the fact that she is very strong and, having been kept at the other foster home where the dogs are not free to roam as they are here, she really pulls on the leash when you try to walk her - it's more like her walking you, and you better hang on tight! Most likely that would become a non-issue if she was no longer confined all of the time, though. Another thing abut her is that she has displayed some aggressive behavior towards other dogs, so she would be best placed in a home where she was the only dog, though we have seen no sign of her having any problem with cats or people, and she loves children. She has never bitten anyone, though I must tell you that when the ladies that do those temperance tests came to try one on her, she did not want them to remove her food from her plate. Other than that, she has never acted angry toward another person. But, if you have a toddler who is likely to try to take away a bone or chew toy from her or get into her food, you might want to tread carefully, as we just don't know if she would actually hurt anyone or not. She never has, but you can never be sure with a dog who is so protective over food. We try very hard to be completely upfront and honest with everyone abut our animals, telling them about any possible issues they may have, as it is in everyone's best interest for the right match to be made, so we tend to err on the side of caution when we tell the stories of animals we are trying to adopt out. But, as you can plainly see from the photos below, she is very sweet and does indeed love children, even enjoying being hugged and allowing a toddler to put her hand into her mouth without so much as a growl, much less a bite.

Patches has been with us the longest, though - almost two years. Of everyone we have, she is the one we are now concentrating on the hardest to find a home for. So, even if she is not the right dog for you, perhaps you could check around with others you know to see if they would consider taking her in. She would very much love to be placed in a loving home, especially one where the people understand that some rescues (in fact, usually most rescues) do have some "issues" from their past lives that we can never know about because they cannot tell us. The one thing I can assure you is that she will give you back as much love as you give her, as I have spent quite a bit of time with her and seen her interact with many different people.

Won't you please consider opening your home and heart to Patches?

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Soon after arrival
On the prowl outside
Resting after a meal with the others close by
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Spunky is the last of his litter, as his two sisters have already been adopted out. He was born around 5-15-06 and was rescued with his sisters and mother from under a house and brought here just as soon as I was told of their plight. He was named Spunky because, though the mother had been an inside cat all of her life before the incident that left her having to live outside, causing her to bolt from where she had been released to where she was rescued from down the road, all of the kittens themselves were completely feral, and this tiny little 2-week-old guy spat at me over and over from the box I had put the kittens in as we searched for their mother so that I could rescue them all and bring them here. He spends a lot of time outside, though he also enjoys cuddling up to another cat, or even a dog, when he sleeps, especially as it has gotten colder. He is quite playful, as most kittens are, and doesn't want a whole lot of attention and love from you, though he does enjoy some petting and love when he is in the mood, as is obvious from a couple of the photos of him taken last weekend at the adoptathon. He is quite active and always has important kitty business to attend to when he isn't getting some much-needed rest, eating, or just enjoying the comfort of being with the other animals here, regardless of species. However, he must have retained some of his original spunk, as just yesterday, 11-8-06 (as this entry has been backdated to the day after he was neutered and given his shot to keep it separate from anyone else's), I observed his own mother growling at him, though I could see no obvious reason for her doing so, as he was simply sitting there and staring at her at the time. However, both had just come in from outside, so I have no idea what had transpired before that moment. I do know he likes to play a lot and would be happiest if he was not the only cat in the household. He has also been observed bringing in bugs, though he mostly enjoys playing with other kittens. Perhaps his mother didn't wish to play that day. I have not seen her act that way before or since, and no one else has acted that way towards him. But then, who knows what goes on in the minds of cats? They all have their own personalities and agendas to attend to, which is one of the reasons I enjoy them so very much and have had them in my life since I was a very young girl. Anyway, this is his story and you can decide for yourself whether your home is the one for him. I would greatly recommend that you do have another cat for him that enjoys playing as much as he does yet also enjoys cuddling and grooming as a comfort for him to be completely happy. I have no idea how he would react to being a lone cat in a household.

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Not long after he first arrived
more like how he looks now, taken 9-19-06
This kitten is Mister's brother, also born on April 3, 2006, and brought to me when he was 8 weeks old. He has done quite a bit of growing since he arrived and has filled out and become what we believe is the most beautiful kitten here. His name was chosen at the time because of his long hair and because he was sweet and loving, just like Mister. However, as he has gotten older, his personality has changed slightly and, though he still enjoys being loved on, is one of those cats who enjoys demanding attention when he wants it by coming up to you purring, then starting to claw at and love-bite you as you pet him. He seems to enjoy trying to combine playing and loving together and will get a bit rougher the longer you pet him, rubbing against you as he continues to claw and love-bite. He is also the only kitten here who has moved up the food chain from bringing in bugs to bat around at night to bringing in dead baby moles on three occasions, so he is obviously honing his hunting skills as well. He enjoys being inside or outside and is one of the most active kittens here, almost always playing with something, even if it just a piece of paper he is enjoying shredding. He would make a good cat for anyone who enjoys having one to play with, love on, and even probably use as a mouser. You will just have to be one of those people who enjoys a feline showing their "cattitude!" He does as he wants to, as it should be. You are simply there to please him and not the other way around, though we definitely enjoy his antics even if we do not enjoy seeing him bring in poor baby moles for us to bury. We are big softies when it comes to any species of animal and will save a mouse from a cat, though, taking it out to the woods and releasing far from harm. Not everyone shares our way of thinking, though, and would be elated to have a cat around to help catch mice and even big bugs. But, if you do feel the way we do about this and are bothered by seeing a cat kill (though we have not witnessed any kills yet since everything is dead and showing a big bite mark in the head or neck area before he brings it in now that he has moved up from bugs to rodents), then be warned that if allowed to go outside, he will bring in lifeforms, usually dead, to bat around and play with.

**This entry has been backdated to the day he was neutered and received his rabies shot.**

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Mister was initially brought to me along with his brother, and I was told that both were females. Therefore, his initial name was Missy, however a bit later it became rather apparent that a mistake had been made by the person bringing the two kittens, so we obviously needed a name change. So, he went immediately from being referred to as "Missy" to more properly being referred to as "Mister," or actually "Mister Cat," to be more precise, though we usually use the shorter version of simply calling him Mister. He was born on April 3, 2006 and brought to me at 8 weeks old, despite me saying "no!" every time I was told that he and his brother were coming here. Obviously that did no good, and they arrived. Initially I had intended to keep both of these kittens anyway, especially after we started becoming so attached to them, but as we are currently in the process of building our house, it has become quite evident that this is not the safest environment for kittens at the moment. A building site is not the best place for kittens who want to be a part of everything you do! So, I had to make the responsible decision of what is best for them and then proceed to go ahead and treat them as fosters just as I did the other litter I rescued (2 of whom have been adopted - the identical black sisters who looked just like their mother - with only one left to go as of this writing! - their striped brother, Spunky) - from under a house when they were but 2 weeks old. The mother of that litter (Baby) ended up adopting Mister and his brother (whom we refer to as Hippie) as her own, even letting them nurse beside her own kittens. It was quite a sight to see with those little bitty babies of hers nursing next to these already-weaned kittens who were 6 weeks older!

Out of all of the kittens here, Mister has been the most laid-back and the most loving. He enjoys staying inside most of the time, sleeping high up on his favorite perch on a pillow, though he also greatly enjoys coming down several times a day for some petting, weaving between my legs, rubbing his face on me, and things like that, purring constantly as he does so. He enjoys being cuddled and loved on. As I do have doggie doors here for everyone to come and go as they please, he also does spend some time outside, but not nearly as much as the others. If you are looking for a cat who enjoys just quietly cuddling with you and probably would never miss going outside if you intend to keep him inside all of the time, then Mister is the cat for you. Being a kitten, he does still play, of course, though he is the only one here who has gone down the food chain, so to speak, going from bringing in bugs to play with to mostly bringing in leaves to bat around. These are hardly the only things he plays with, but they are the most common.

**This entry has been backdated to reflect the date he was taken in to be neutered and given his rabies shot, thus becoming officially adoptable. He has been at several adoptathons, but has not been the one chosen yet, though I have a feeling he won't be left here much longer, as he is simply the sweetest kitten here. So, if you are interested in him, speak up and let us know ASAP!**


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